my independent artist, alter ego

And then there's the stuff I WASN'T asked to do as part of my day job. The down-time stuff, the "side hustle", the "wouldn't it be cool if..." type of design. Under my artist name djkopet, many of the crazy ideas floating around in my head come to life. Communicating and connecting with people through art has always been the draw for me personally, and this just offers another outlet for that. There's no feeling like putting an idea down on paper, then having people want to display that idea across their chest or hang it on their wall.

"City of Smiles"
"A Less Civilized Age"
"Despicable Escape"
"Despicable Jawas"
"Despicable Rebels"
"The Devil's Punishment"
"The Empire Business"
"Explore the Upside Down"
"Fight Covid"
"Finally Free, Finally Awake"
"Frozen Banana"
"Game of Coins"
"Green Vigilance"
"Hannukah Town"
"Afraid of Your Own Shadow"
"Arashikage Yin Yang"
"Back To Last Year"
"The Big Tronowski"
"City of the Foot"
"Logan's Motorcycle Repair"
"Michaelangelo's David"
"Minimal Falcon"
"The Muptastic Four"
"My Rebel Pony"
"New Adventures Awaken"
"A New Storm"
"No Can Defense"
"Retro Galactic"
"Scientific Paradox Goes Boink"
"The Socially Distant Bunch"
"I Believe"
"It's A Tree, Mario!"

"djkopet, hurricane of pop culture awesomeness"

—Design by Humans

"Training We Are"
"The Sistine Sewer"
"Snow Wars"
"Toy Walkers"
"Only Forever"
"There is No Santa, Only Zuul"
"Not Your Memories"
"The Hap Hap Happiest Sweater This Side of the Nuthouse"
"Gamer's Sketch"
"We Wish You A Gremlin Christmas"
"Discover Eternia"
"A Bad Mother F"
"Dark Reflection"
"Battle of the Foot"
"Stranger Sweater"
"Strong is the Force, Or Course!"
"UpsideDown Town"
"The WalkerPuff Girls"