Graphic Design

Anytime someone downplays Graphic Design as simply being the final coat of paint I ask, "when was the last time you bought a car with an ugly paint job?"

As many businesses push for a user-centric approach grounded in deeper understanding of what customers actually need, it is still important to understand what will resonate and capture users' attention. My experience as a Graphic Designer has enabled me to appreciate the often over-looked principles of design aesthetics like visual hierarchy, balance, color theory, typography, and use of negative space. 

Microsite for Employee Rewards concept
Port Everglades "Achieve"
Southern Fried Gaming Expo
Darren Spurgeon Photography
Northwest Broward Road Runners Club
Website design for Smart Savings Club Rewards Program
Parkland Softball
Danny Steyn Racing & Adept Studios
25th Annual Waterway Cleanup Poster
Adept Wedding Photography
Weston Animal Hospital
“Let Yourself Fly” Ad
School shirts for Tamarac Tigers Elementary
Dedicated Pressure Cleaning
Boca Java
V2 Studios
Boca Java Atomic Coffee